No sugar, no salt, no wheat,
no oil, no spiciness ... no problem.

You may add up to 4 vegetables
and one meat choices for
$ 9.95 (Chicken, Pork) and $10.95 (Beef).

Also, you may choose
Tofu w. Vegetables for $9.95
Shrimp for $11.95
Scallops for $14.95

Sauces can be ordered on the side
Select your sauce:

  Brown Sauce Ma La Sauce
  Light White Sauce   Teriyaki Sauce
Black Bean Sauce Curry Sauce
Kung Pao Sauce Garlic Sauce
Thai Spicy Sauce      

Sautéed or Steamed

  Broccoli   Cabbage
  Bell Pepper   Green Beans
  Bean Sprouts   Mushrooms
  Bok Choy   Onions
  Carrots   Squash